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Flat Fee Listing Real Estate For Sale!

The 3 most important things to selling real estate are:

  • Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) exposure
  • internet exposure (6 million potential buyers a month)
  • Low Flat Fee Listing Service Price

MLS Flat Fee Listing for your Real Estate Property

Real Estate Flat Fee MLS means sell your House, Townhouse, Condo or Land and never again Pay Listing Commission!

The Realtor® MLS system will help you to sell your home faster and for top dollar!

What is the real estate MLS?

The Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the key to Home-Sales Success. The MLS lists the vast majority of real estate listings which are listed "for sale" by real estate brokers and their agents. All types of real estate property is listed in the real estate multiple listing service; houses, townhomes, condominiums, commercial property, lots, acreage and even rental properties. There are hundreds of local Multiple Listing Services located thruout the nation. Real Estate Associations in all 50 US states run their own MLS Systems. Statistics show that homes listed on the MLS sell faster.

"The MLS" is the secret to success of real estate sales, directly responsible for about 4 of 5 sales nationwide. About 85% of home buyers use a REALTOR® to help them locate a property. When a possible buyer contacts a Real Estate Agent regarding a home purchase, the Agent will search the MLS for homes matching the buyers' desires, wants and needs. Statistics show that homes listed on the MLS sell faster.

Many home sellers don't know they can have the benefits of the Multiple Listing Service without paying a high commission to have their real estate property listed.
Home seller can take advantage of the powerful MLS advertising medium without paying high commissions to real estate agents with our flat fee MLS listing service! 

Home sellers can now get maximum exposure for your property by purchasing our MLS Flat Fee Listing for a low cost!

By listing your home in the Real Estate MLS the vast majority of REALTORS® will become aware that your property is available as well as its price and features. The real estate MLS is the key to a successful sale and enables you to have maximum exposure. It is simply the greatest marketing real estate tool ever invented for selling your home.

Now is a good time to sell your real estate and cash in on your equity.
When you're ready to sell your real estate property, consider using a Flat Fee Listing Program, for only $297, you won't be disappointed. The flat fee basic listing package gets you the power of exposure on the Realtor's Multiple Listing Service,, plus much more, while saving you money and giving you control over the sale of your home!

Example of Savings!

The average home sells for $500,000, seller offers a 3% commission to the Buyer's Agent. If your home sells for $500,000, your commission would be $15,000 plus the flat fee of $297 to the real estate broker that will list your home in the MLS. The total savings in commission is $14,703. Now, for the comparison in savings if you listed your home with a traditional broker for 6%. The commission on a $500,000 sale with a 6% commission rate would be $30,000. Your savings would be $14,623!

How incredible is this? This is the latest way to list and sell your home. Flat Fee is #1 in Coverage areas, Price and Customer satisfaction - low overhead keeps costs down for customer to only $297. Other companies offer low fees but checkout the small print where Sellers pay additional fees at close of escrow.

A flat fee listing in your local real estate multiple listing service is the only way to put the power of hundreds (or even 1000s) of real estate agents to work selling your house at a fraction of the commissions you would pay for a "full service" listing. Plus your house also gets exposure to buyers on the Internet on all or some of the sites listed below:


List, Sell & Save $

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