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For those of you who actively trade (or desire to learn how to trade) the financial and futures markets, there are a lot of other things outside the markets you should be following. But, I guess my bigger message is for those of you that aren’t in the futures markets, whether you trade them or not, the futures markets have a significant impact on what happens in the other financial markets, including forex, currencies, options and stocks. That’s why you should soak up every piece of good trading knowledge like a sponge in a quest to clearly see the bigger picture.


A broker is an individual or firm that conducts business and acts as an agent between a buyer and seller usually charging a commission.


Preisvergleich für Finanzdienstleistungen aller Art Wir vergleichen Versicherungen, Kredite und Baukredite Durch vergleichen viel Geld sparen!

Real Estate Broker: one licensed who arranges the buying and selling of real estate for a client for a fee. A real estate broker has complete understanding and knowledge of the real estate market in their local area to help their home-buyer and home-seller clients.

Information on how to obtain a Real Estate Brokers license from your state.

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Commodity Broker: one licensed who trades and executes a futures and options account for financial, commercial institutions and the general public. The broker makes the trades, place the stops, sets the profit objectives. A commodity broker provides trading support and develops a trading plan.

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