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NATURE'S LAW is A Key to The Secret of the Universe!


Today's date is which is a good time of year to work hard on trading forex and futures markets for their great potential profit...

This unique learning course is a copy of the very rare original edition of the book “Nature's Law - The Secret of the Universe,” by R. N. Elliott - published in a very limited edition in 1948 & reprinted by Commodity Traders Club in 1995. Photo-copied & then “scanned” from the original very hard to find microfilm. This is what started the “Elliott Wave” popularity for Stock/ Commodities Technical Analysis & Trading Methods

Here are some of the amazing trading subjects covered so you understand Gann Elliott Wave trading techniques. You can use it to help you make money trading commodity futures, combined with reduced risk!

Rhythm In Nature, Egyptian Pyramids size - ratios and scaling are based on Natural Laws involving Fibonacci numbers, Sunflower research on how Sunflowers and their seeds conform to exact Fibonacci ratios, How the Washington Monument & US History is ruled by Natural Laws & Fibonacci numbers, Wave knowledge can be applied to stocks, bonds, grain market, cotton, coffee & other commodities, stock market cycles, and market Waves, Corrections, Complex corrections, Triangles, Thrust breakouts, Wave extensions, Correct wave counting, Sideways movements, Irregular tops, Scaling of charts, 13-year triangles, Dow Jones Industrial Avg Analysis and chart reading, How retracements and patterns maintain 62% ratios, Price of gold, Waves in gold prices, Gold chart and waves for 685 years from the year 1250 thru 1932.

Human activities and patterns also run in waves, more London Commodity Exchange and London Industrials chart analysis, Dow Jones Railroad Index chart and analysis from 1906 through 1944, why news events are merely the late recognition of natural laws and waves.

Why Natural laws tend to discount the overall value of sudden major events, Detailed suggestions on maintaining charts, Daily range charts, Hourly charts, Chart paper and chart size, Weekly range charts, Monthly charts, Investment timing, Wave analysis foretells markets future direction, The fact sudden news has little long term effect because it's already reflected in the market waves and market cycles.

Continuation of subjects covered:

» Natures Law is a revolutionary forecasting phenomena

» Anticipate market moves rather than follow the moves

» Importance of timing & when to buy & sell

» Bull & bear market tops/bottoms

» Diversification on 5 to 10 markets and not more than one per group

» More facts on the Pyramids

» Proportional Divider 61.8% Ratio Rulers

» The Law of Motion

» Cycles are not uniformly spaced but follow wave patterns

» Dynamic symmetry

» 40 commodities in gold prices chart 1923-1938

» Charts of cotton/copper/NY city temperature

Emotional cycles of individuals, Human emotional cycles avg 33-36 days and resemble commodities market charts, Other human cycles avg 5-weeks, 56-day blood cholesterol cycles, Human cycles basic periods equate to 34 & 55 (day) Fibonacci Numbers, Pythagoras - ratios - mathematics, Minor - intermediate - major activities advance in 5-waves. A drawing of Pythagoras holding a small pyramid and squaring of numbers examples, Trading volume of waves is important, Miscellaneous facts & figures, Bull Market analysis, Parallel lines & base lines on a Dow Jones chart, Reviews, Conclusions.

This work is not a trading system or a trading method. However, a potentially high profit commodity or stock market trading system can be constructed using these theories. In fact, there have been many futures trading systems developed based on either Elliott Wave analysis or Fibonacci Numbers, or both methods combined. The facts presented in this unique work are extremely interesting and in fact quite amazing.

This reprint consists of 64-pages - printed on 1-side, all scanned into our computer from photocopied pages of R. N. Elliott's original manuscript first published in 1946, from a difficult to obtain old microfilm record. The book itself is long out-of-print and seemingly impossible to acquire. The original work was printed in extremely small numbers.

Because we copied from an old and rare microfilm, there are some words that were hard to read but the overall quality and readability is good. We interpolated several of those illegible words to avoid any incomplete sentences. Mr. Elliott was not the best writer in the world and also occasionally demonstrated poor grammar, and misspelled some words. Many of those words have been corrected and our grammar checker may have corrected some, but not all of the questionable grammar. We have used spiral-binding so its easy-to-read and lays flat for ease-of-use.

You will get Natures Law Secret of the Universe book for only $67.00

This is a very rare and hard to find work that can help you trade successfully.

Fibonacci numbers may be used in conjunction with other techniques to trade successfully. For example, fibonacci numbers can be used to gauge retracements against the trend for trade entry purposes, for placing stop-loss orders or for trade exits at a target price.

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